Cathay Pacific Premium Economy class – Brussels to Hong Kong

Since 25th of March, Cathay Pacific introduces the four weekly DIRECT flights from Brussels to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Brussels (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday)

These new direct flights of Cathay Pacific are ideal for us because when we want to travel from Brussels to Hong Kong to visit our family, we always had to take flights with a least 1 stopover. We lost a lot of time due the stopover. Let’s say, time is money. We really want to avoid this and now, we finally can!

We arrived at the airport of Brussels on a Thursday. Cathay Pacific has/have a beautiful stand in the departure hall where you can’t miss the stand 🙂

After the check-in, we noticed that we had an upgrade from Economy class to Premium economy class. Thank you Cathay Pacific for the upgrade!

We flew on an airbus A350, the setup for the Business class is 1-2-1, Premium class 2-4-2 and the standard Economy class 3-3-3.

Once on the airplane, we had 2 seats on the left side of the airplane. The seats are so spacious! The crew offered us a welcome drink. We had the choice between water and orange juice. So refreshing.

We also had the smoked peanuts as a small snack before flying 🙂

One of the many advantages to sit in the Premium economy class is that you will get a headphone with noise-cancelling and amenity kit (a bag with socks, an eyeshade, earplugs, toothbrush and toothpaste) 🙂

Most people complain about the ‘bad’ food on the airplanes (we too). We were so curious about the food of Cathay Pacific. According to the menu we received, everything looked very yummy.

After about 2-3 hours flying, the crew began to serve the lunch/diner. We could fold out the (eat)table on the side of the seat. With this method, a lot of spaces can be saved and you didn’t have to disturb the people in front of you. The (eat)table in the economy class is settled in the seat in front of you.

As appetizers, we had the creamy cucumber and ham salad.
For the main course, we had the choice between 3 dishes.
– The chicken with lemon sauce, zucchini, medlar seed and steamed jasmine rice.
– Pan fried cod fillet with carrot, broccoli, parsley mashed potato and leek cream sauce.
– Tomato and mozzarella panzerotti pasta, roasted cherry tomato and sage butter (Veggie)

All main courses are paired with Ice cream, bread and butter and tea/coffee

I had the chicken with lemon sauce. This was really amazing!
The sauce of lemon wasn’t too strong or bitter and the chicken was so tender. The jasmine rice was the perfect match for this.

My fiancée had the pan fried cod fillet which was also delicious. The creamy mashed potato with leek was so good and the cod fillet was still juicy.

We always try to take two different dishes so we can share with each other and taste more dishes 🙂

The chicken with lemon sauce was so delicious that I asked the crewmember to bring one more dish if there was a dish left. Luckily, there was an extra dish left. I was back in heaven hahaha 🙂

The ice cream of Mōvenpack was also delicious. We had the chocolate flavour 🙂

After a good dinner (the best airplane meal so far!) we could get some rest in our very spacious seats. We could also enjoy the generous recline. The legroom can also expanded which made our journey very comfortable.

The big touchscreen for movie, tv, music and games is also something Cathay Pacific can be proud of. We could enjoy the latest movies like ‘Black Panter’, ‘The Avengers’, some movies from Hong Kong, etc.

After a nap, we ordered some snacks and cup noodles. This is an extra service that Cathay Pacific offers on the flights. This was amazing!

Around 2 hours before landing, the cabin crew slowly started serving the breakfast.

The menu we had was as follow.

Fresh seasonal fruit
– Cheddar cheese omelette, bacon, mushrooms, oven roasted tomatoes and Lyonnaise potatoes
– Prawn and scallop congee
Both served with bread, fruit preserve and butter.

We had the prawn and scallop congee 🙂

After a good breakfast, we landed safely in the International Airport of Hong Kong.

Thank you Cathay Pacific for taking good care of us. The seats were so comfortable and the food was so amazing. The cabincrew was so friendly and so helpful. This was the best airplane experience so far. We really enjoyed our trip to Hong Kong.

If you want to visit Hong Kong, we recommend this direct flight from Brussels to Hong Kong. With this direct flight, you will save a lot of time and you will have a comfortable trip with very nice service and yummy foods 🙂

Click on the link below and book your flights now!

Yummy regards,
Harvey and Tiffany


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